Parents Speak
"We are delighted to tell everyone Jerrin's success story of cracking CLAT. It is the success story of our and Vidhigya as it is of Jerrin. We enrolled him for one year course programme along with 12th. We were at first little hesitate with this move but then he soon adapted and moulded himself to the schedule. Had it not been for Vidhigya and its versatile pedagogy and also the Grace of Almighty. our son wouldn't have made it to NLS Bangalore & NLU Delhi. We thank Baahul Sir and his team for moulding him to what he is today. With lot of thanks."


Professional, Indore (Father of Jerrin Mathew, NLSIU 2019)

"Vidhigya is the best law coaching Institute in the central India. The faculty of vidhigya is marvellous and unbeatable.As the right path is important for success and vidhigya is the right path to get in the top NLUs.Thanks and feels proud on Vidhigya and Baahul sir!! "

Ajay Verma

Civil Servant (Father of Lavesh Verma, NLU, Delhi 2018)

"My son Anirudh Mallick attended the classes for CLAT exams last year at Vidhigya. I am extremely happy at the emotional and technical support provided by the Vidhigya team , the student counsellor and above all Bahul Sir’s personal attention. Not only did he motivate the student but encouraged him to dream big and achieve his potential going to the extent of presenting all students with a copy of Bhagwad Gita. I wish all the best to VIDHIGYA team and hope they will continue this wonderful work. "

Neerav Kumar Mallick

Commissioner ( GST and Customs), Indore (Father of Anirudh Mallick)

"As parents we are happy to have landed in Vidighya to help our daughter prepare for CLAT 2019. Being an educator myself, I have always believed that the process of learning is as important as achieving results. To my pleasant surprise, I found Vidighya to be a rare coaching institute where the process is given as much importance as results. They created an ambience where the children were motivated to accept learning as a way of living. The results followed automatically. We are, of course, happy that our daughter, Adrija 'cracked CLAT'. But we are happier to see her emerge as a more confident and mature young lady, ready to take on the real world out there. We thank Vidighya for making it possible."

Dr. Kousik Guhathakurta

Associate Professor, IIM Indore (Father of Adrija Guhathakurta,NLU-O 2019)

"Vidhigya has been instrumental in shaping my daughter's career. She got the right guidance and each faculty has been a constant pillar of support for her. Personal doubt clearing sessions and analysis of each, and every mock makes VIDHIGYA stand out. I am grateful to team VIDHIGYA for their individual attention towards every child."

I am thankful to VIDHIGYA not only for selection in CLAT but also for her overall development.

Sanjay Chourasia

Businessman, Indore (Father of Muskan Chourasia, NLIU Bhopal 2019)

"VIDHIGYA के साथ 2 वर्ष की कोचिंग में बेटे सिद्धार्थ को ना सिर्फ CLAT के लिए मार्गदर्शन मिला परन्तु 11वी एवं 12वी में subject choose करने एवं स्कूल के साथ CLAT के लिए टाइम मैनेजमेंट के लिए भी Personal Counselling मिली | संस्था के सभी शिक्षकगन अपने विषयो में दक्ष एवं ज्ञानवान है | शिक्षकगन विद्यार्थियो के बोद्धिक विकास हेतु पूर्णत: समर्पित रहते है | VIDHIGYA का कोर्स मटेरियल उच्चतर स्तर का है | इसी कारण से बने ने SLAT में स्टेट रैंक 1 हासिल की और CLAT में NLIU भोपाल में चयन हुआ | मै VIDHIGYA परिवार को तहे दिल से आभार प्रकट करता हूँ|"

Sandeep Sisodia

Professional, Indore (Father of Siddharth Sisodia, NLIU Bhopal 2019)

"With the new pattern and entrance exam for law course, brings that much difficulty and being already in this field, still unaware of that difficult level which student faces as i never went through such process. Here, VIDHIGYA has played a vital role in helping and guiding my daughter throughout her journey of CLAT and simultaneously bringing best out of her. Best Teachers can be find here who were so dedicated and had work along with her to achieve her goal and finally made her placed in NLU-D. This wasn't possible without the efforts that VIDHIGYA and team has put. Thank you VIDHIGYA and Team for being a part of her growth."

Mr. Ajay Pendam

Additional Session(District) Judge, Manawar, Dhar

(Father of Vaidehi Pendam, NLU- Delhi 2018)

"I remember, when my daughter, poorly prepared by an institute, I would not like to name, was about to take her first attempt at CLAT in 2017, someone at the entrance of her examination centre was giving booklet of Vidhigya. Later when Aura returned after the exam, sitting disappointed at the back of the car, she opened the booklet. She observed that the booklet had some revision material with special emphasis on a list of legal maxims which constituted a considerable chunk of the paper, around 14 marks, which meant if she had done the booklet alone, things could have been different. When we decided on a drop, we chose this class for its brilliant insight. Throughout the year, I saw a positive change in my daughter. Bahul sir and other mentors, apart from the academic preparation, made sure she remained positive and that the weight of the drop year did not crush her. Her selection the next year took me back to my conversation with Bahul sir at the time of her admission where he had promised to speak only through his work, and his work did talk, louder than anything. Vidhigya is not a coaching class alone, it is a journey in self-discovery under the guidance of an expert who has been there."

Ms. Latika Pandey


(Mother of Aura Pandey, NLIU Bhopal CLAT 2018)

"We are really proud of our daughter and team Vidhigya. She has been able to crack AILET only because of the valuable guidance of her mentors as Vidhigya. For us Vidhigya is not just a another coaching, it is an institution that has given our daughter the platform to growThe environment there is conducive for learning and overall development of children. We are thankful to the entire team for their relentless efforts."

Mrs. Poonam Sawlani

(Mother of Chelsea Sawlani, NLU Delhi AILET 2018)

"My daughter Ahna was very lucky to have the guidance from the best pool of faculties in the town. The support & study material received by her was well structured, it fulfilled her dream of studying in one the best law universities of the country The upshot of Ahna’s experience at Vidhigya was that she came out as a contended, confident and a very happy student. She was well trained to face the competitive exams mentally and psychologically too. The best came a week before exams when she was nervous and anxious, a personal touch by respected Kala Mohan mam, two words of motivation from Bahul sir ‘You can’ was enough to vanquish all her fears, anxiety and nervousness."

Ms. Shail Agrawal


(Mother of Ahna Agrawal, NIRMA 2017)

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