Students Testimonials

"I was a student of Vidhigya and am currently studying at NLU, Delhi. I owe a huge part of my success to Vidhigya and they are definitely one of the best institutes for CLAT preps. The environment at Vidhigya is very positive and conducive to learning. The faculty is friendly and helpful apart from being excellent at their subjects. It is an institution that is dedicated towards excellence & that is visible through the results. My experience at Vidhigya had been one of great learnings, that I would cherish forever"

Chelsea Sawlani

NLU Delhi ALIET 2018

Choithram School, Indore

"Vidhigya has a very structured approach to the preparation. Faculty here not only train students for the field of law, but also for life. Thanks you Vidhigya "

Aura Pandey

NLIU Bhopal CLAT 2018

The Shishukunj InternaKonal School, Indore

"It’s not an institution it is more than that. All the teachers were very supportive & Bahul sir not only correct me but also tell how to be the best and different from the crowd. Devendra Sir's tricks maths helped a lot and Pankaj sir’s 360 analysis of the news helped to have edge over others."

Lavesh Verma

NLU Delhi AILET 2018

St. Pauls School, Indore

"The best part about Vidhigya is customised compact study material, mentors way of teaching and their focus on each student, dedication of teachers helping out each individual on their weak part. They suggest the best possible way to overcome that difficulty which helps in the preparation for exams. Coming to this institution had not only helped me in preparing but also in developing the habit of reading newspaper daily & developed the vocab which was lacking before coming here. Bahul sir has shared the difference between a prudent person & layman and how to think rationally."

Vaidehi Pedam

NLU Delhi ALIET 2018

Delhi Public School, Indore

"I am Sanika, a student at NLU Delhi. My experience at Vidhigya has been nothing less than spectacular. It sets an example that with great faculty, great material, a lot of hard work and a pinch of luck, nothing is impossible. I would definitely recommend it to every CLAT/ AILET aspirant! I think that VIDHIGYA has emerged as light, leading me to my dream LAW School. I trust blindly in them, just like I trust my parents. I would say to the aspirants Go BIG or Go Home."

Sanika Gadgil

NLU Delhi AILET 2019 City Rank 1

St. Raphael’s School, Indore

"The paternal guidance of faculty and 24*7 vigilance on my performance made this place best to prepare for Life and Law. Thanks for moulding me to what I am today. A NLSITE and proud Vidhigyan."

Jerrin Mathew

NLU Delhi AILET 2019

NLSIU Bengaluru CLAT 2019

St. Arnold’s School, Indore

" Vidhigya supported me in all walks of life. The journey began with interactive learning provided by the faculty was what actually required. I owe my success to Vidhigya "

Tanay Kaushal

NLU Delhi AILET 2019

NLSIU Bengaluru

CLAT 2019 AIR - 69

IBP Global School, Indore

"Vidhigya gave me precision, impetus, determination, correct approach to crack all Exams. Vidhigya is like a family. The hard work faculty puts in to make us better version of ourselves is remarkable."

Siddharth Sisodiya

SLAT 2019 State Rank 1

NLIU Bhopal CLAT 2019

Choithram School, Indore

"Competition is for those who belong to the same class but VIDHIGYA is a class apart the values VIDHIGYA possesses are priceless and I haven’t found it anywhere so far, personal concern & "unbiased dedication” are among the biggest fortes of this institution I’m so grateful to VIDHIGYA for just “everything” My gratitude for Vidhigya is ineffable. To summarize, it taught me :- Faith, Hope, Optimism "

Manvi Mehta

HNLU Raipur CLAT 2019

St. Raphael’s School, Indore

"Vidhigya has always shown me the right path. Though my journey under the faculty of Vidhigya have been a beautiful one. Positivity is the quality that differentiates Vidhigya from other institutes."

Manan Ranka

RMNLU Lucknow, CLAT 2019

Daly College, Indore

"Teachers at VIDHIGYA are like parents, over 2 years it has become integral part of my life. VIDHIGYA has helped me to evolve as a better person. Thanks for making me reach to RMNLU Lucknow. "

Sushmita Sharma

RMNLU Lucknow, CLAT 2019

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore

"Faculty at Vidhigya have been very supportive. Their guidance & support have been of immense importance. The teachers have a personal connect with the students and treat us like a family. "

Anirudh Agrawal

HNLU Raipur, CLAT 2019

Delhi Public School, Indore

"I am a student of Vidhigya and currently pursuing my studies at NLIU BHOPAL. My experience at Vidhigya had been of great learning to become a better individual above everything. Vidhigya is one of the best institute to reach up to the law schools through CLAT, all the faculty and working staff were very supportive through out my preparation. The paBern of study material, regular classes and exhaustive mock test always provided me the best feedback to judge myself. I owe my success to Vidhigya and the blessings and the guidance that I received will cherish forever. VIDHIGYA हैतो मुम्किन है !!!!!!!!! "

Harshit Agnihotri

NLIU Bhopal, CLAT 2019

Govt. Excellence School, Rewa

"This success is dedicated to Vidhigya family. A lot of thanks to all the teachers of Vidhigya. Vidhigya hai toh Sambhav Hai.. "

Hemant Chauhan

NALSAR Hyderabad, CLAT 2019

Jawahar Navodaya School, Ujjain

"Vidhigya not only helped in cracking CLAT but also in becoming a good human being. It changed my perception towards life.. Thank you for explaining even small things. Your Support & Motivation made it possible to crack law entrance exams."



Kendra Vidyalaya, Dhar

"I came as a student here and going with memories, knowledge life skills & family along with success. My experience here is been life changing. It has been a perfect place to get motivated."



SICA School, Indore

"VIDHIGYA is sole responsible for whatever I learnt about life & law during a year. All the teachers here are very supportive. My success belongs to all the teachers at Vidhigya. "



St. Raphaels School, Indore

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