Message by Shri. V.K. Maheshwari (Former Dist. Judge, State of Uttarakhand) INSIGHTS ABOUT CAREER IN LAW

Since the time immemorial, the legal profession is known to be a noble profession. With passage of time, this proverb has proved itself to be true, as it opens doors to new horizons for everyone who enters in it. Be it a Judge, an Advocate, a Legal Officer, a Consultant, an Academician or holding any other assignment in law. Not only it provides ample opportunities for leading a decent and respectful life, but also affords innumerable ways to help weaker and underprivileged sections of society, the down- trodden and victims of injustice. Law is the only field, wherein a person comes across different kinds of challenges in life and also the courage to face these challenges bravely and successfully. It throws open all the faculties of the brain of a human being which other professions cannot do. It is to be remembered that most of our freedom fighters were from the legal profession. In the recent past and after independence the persons who have given new shape to the country, were all from the legal profession. Even to- day most of the shining politicians of the country are from legal backgrounds. There are a number of Judges, Advocates and Jurists who have gained name and fame. Not only present but the future of new entrants to the world of law, is promising and bright as day by day new spheres are coming on the ground.

Large number of new courts are being established at every stage and for catering their needs matching equal numbers of Prosecutors and Advocates will be required, new colleges of law in every part of the country are being opened so a large number of academicians will be required for them.

All these avenues will provide an assured career progression to newcomers but with a condition that the person has to be honest, dedicated and devoted.

For last several years, I have been closely watching the activities of Vidhigya, established and run by highly talented and dedicated personality Mr. Bahul Shastri and Mrs Kriti Shastri with a very efficient, skilled and team and I feel proud to note that Vidhigya is a sure gateway to the vast, wonderful and colorful sky of law. Be ready to achieve new heights.

Shri. V.K. Maheshwari
Former Dist. Judge,
State of Uttarakhand
Advisory Board Member - Vidhigya & Our Inspiration

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