Message by Dr. S.G. Sreejith (Vice Dean, Jindal Global Law School, LL.D. (University of Lapland), Finland) Two Cents on CAREER IN LAW

We live in global times. The global era we live in is not just an expansiveness of time and space. It is a time that is witnessing a grand collapse, a collapse of every human imagination, every human artifact—believes, ideas, ideologies, identities, culture, regimes, institutions, and social and political orders. Pessimistic all these may sound, but, then again, our time is also a time for reinvention—for reinventing all that we lost in the grand collapse. In fact, we are transposed unknowingly into a Parmenidean moment of choosing the truth for us, urging us to reinvent the self and everything surrounding us.

What we need are new imaginations to invent projects of reconstruction and renewal. In this grand scheme of things, law, free of its limitations thanks to the grand collapse (and perhaps a self-survival), stands open with its imaginative spaces to be invaded. For a generation starting to study law, law is waiting in/as right, left, and center with its amazing possibilities. From being means of showing right ways of living through legislative imperatives, law has become the willing and acting of humankind. In its uncharacteristic millennial amorphousness, law is asking for new form and new substance. It’s an echo of John Milton in Paradise Lost of how to reassemble our afflicted powers.

How overcome this dire Calamity?

What reinforcement we may gain from Hope,
If not what resolution from despair.
Heed to this call, and awake, oh dear ones, from the age-old stupor of orthodoxy, there is no time to tarry. A deferral will cost you badly, depriving you not just an opportunity, but also your world. If you do not use this opportune moment, the world will be turned into a site of hostility, as law, in its pristine freshness, is equally open for malevolent forces. Hence, let’s vow together, that we will become the soul of law, consecrating it from the evil of bad-power, making it the pure consciousness of individuals and the absolute consciousness of humanity. We will live the global times together in law, making it the best epoch in the existence of humankind.
In all solidarity and camaraderie, I wish every aspirant of law the grandest success!

Dr. S.G. Sreejith
Vice Dean, Jindal Global Law School
LL.D. (University of Lapland), Finland
Advisory Board Member - Vidhigya & Our Inspiration

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