How to prepare for CLAT along with Class 12th Boards

Mentors at Vidhigya (India’s best CLAT coaching) have put together some of the best tips in this post to help you better understand how to manage your time for boards and CLAT preparation. If you are good at time management, you can do well in both CLAT and 12th board exams. Time management, coupled with health care, will help you score well in exams and ace CLAT.   


Generally, most of you are nervous about preparing for both the school exam and the law entrance exam, but following the proper syllabus and preparation strategies will help you succeed in both exams.


Preparing for the CLAT is not difficult, but it requires consistency, dedication, &focus. Especially now that the number of students taking the CLAT is skyrocketing every year. We propose the following study strategy that any CLAT student preparing for board exams should follow.   


In this blog post, we've covered how to prepare well for CLAT with your 12 boards. Here you will find the best strategy and tips for preparing for CLAT in grade 12 that will not affect your current classes. In this article, we will try to solve the dilemma between board and CLAT exams faced by students in grade 12 and how they can successfully secure a place in the high-level NLU as well as get a decent score on the board exam. 


Undoubtedly, the lifestyle of a student who appears for the CLAT exam and the senior high school exam in the same year is quite hectic, but if the proper plans are made and executed with a positive attitude, then succeeding in both exams hand in hand are not impossible. There should be a clear difference that applicants should keep in mind about the strategies to use on this CLAT exam.


Preparing for CLAT along with board exams can be even more frustrating when the NLU consortium plans to host CLAT 2021 just three days after the end of board exams, i.e. June 13, 2021. So, the best strategy is to start preparing for the CLAT and the 12th exam at the same time or starting in your 11th class would even be a better option. The best way to prepare for both CLAT and 12 at the same time is to take the courses for CLAT as soon as you enter standard 11 or 12.


There are 24 hours a day and 168 hours in a week. In a week you can sped 12 hours on CLAT i.e. 2 hours daily for 6 days in a week. Which will surely leave you plenty of time to prepare for the exams.


Unfortunately, the CLAT program has little to do with your cards. The eligibility criteria for the CLAT exam is that you must pass the 12th standard exam. Applicants who are eligible for 12th grade or pass the exam will be able to apply for the CLAT UG.


Applicants can enter the best NLU 5-year LL.B based on CLAT 2022 scores. Clat is one of the most competitive law entrance exams in India.


The CLAT (common law entrance test) is designed for beginning students who are looking forward to a career in law. The student can present himself after passing the 12th grade. A type covering questions in elementary mathematics or computational skills, english with comprehension, general knowledge and current events, legal attitude and legal awareness, and logical reasoning, with a negative score of -0.25.


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