“Significant legal and policy challenges in the next decade facing cyber space and the Internet” 

Together with powerful engines, social networks, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, drones, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, quantum computing, and so much more, developments in science and technology have brought us information, communication and digital technologies that transform not only cyberspace, but also geospace and space. In developing information technology as well as Internet services, cyber security plays an important role. Securing the data became one of the largest challenges within the gift day.These days over 60% of total business transactions are done online, thus this field needed a prime quality of security for clear and safe transactions. Therefore, cyber security has become a modern issue. 

If we talk about cyber security the primary factor that involves our mind is ‘cyber crimes’ It is now serious widespread, aggressive, growing, and increasingly sophisticated, and poses major implications for national and economic security. Many industries, institutions, public and private-sector organizations are at significant risk. When we hear about "cyber crimes," our focus is typically drawn to "cyber security." Our first thinking on "National Cyber Security" therefore begins with how strong our "Cyber Crimes" management infrastructure is. Numerous Governments and corporations are taking several measures so as to foresee these cyber-crimes besides numerous measures cyber security continues to be awfully huge concern to several. 

Issues such as Cyber Sovereignty are at peak. Every country now a days is saying that their sovereignty is not limited to their countries territorial boundaries but it also lies across the world. Thereafter rises the question of Internet Jurisdiction which is one of the emerging challenges for the cyber space. 

Artificial Intelligence regulations emerging as sub discipline under cyber law umbrella. Issues such as liability of robots if they commit crime needed to be addressed in the coming decade. After AADHAR Judgement (Justice KS Puttaswamy v. Union of India) privacy has taken a step ahead, Privacy and Data Protection will become stronger in coming time, these are the issues which need to be addressed now. On one hand government has taken the initiatives like Digital India but on the other hand there are violation of different rights of an individual such as right to privacy. 

With the introduction of Digital wallets importance of electronic records and electronic evidence has increased. Apart from digital wallets Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin has grown rampantly, there is a need for strong security model not only at national but also at international level to address these issues. 

Field of information technology is dynamic it needs to updated as per the change in technology. It is saying that ‘Change with change otherwise change will change you’. Coming era is of cyber-attacks and cyber war, each and every nation should start thinking of cyber security law than cyber law. 

- Shrvan Lahoti

HPNLU Shimla, Vidhigya Alumni

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