Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Rohtak is known for top management education in India with a vision to become a global leader in management course. The institute is a fusion of enlightened and progressive leadership, well-skilled faculty members, attractive infrastructure and robust teaching pedagogy. It continues to encourage and spread knowledge in the management domain with a unique intrapersonal perspective to prepare youth who can manage and create powerful organizations. To fulfil this vision of the Institute, IIM Rohtak is encouraging world-class education in management and law, not only through full-time and regular programmes but also through various long duration and short duration programmes.

Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a nationwide test to ensure admissions in top-most law colleges of India. The functional heal of CLAT ensures to initiate and progressively have better coordination amongst National Law Schools to achieve the highest standard and the best quality of legal education in the country. Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, introduces five years integrated course for the LLB Courses. Admissions will be done on the basis of CLAT Score. 

IIM Rohtak is ranked in the top five IIMs and it offers a dynamic environment for high-quality research in all functional areas of management that will enhance various segments of the business and society.


Important details about IIM-Rohtak and its 5-year integrated LLB programme through CLAT score are as follows:

The course will be conducted from September 2021 and the online registration process had started on March 16. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Rohtak) announcing a five-year integrated programme in Law (IPL) ensures in-depth knowledge of business management with details of law and governance.

According to IIM, this programme is focused on providing the opportunity to the candidates to pursue global legal education through a curriculum and pedagogy that mainly focus on the study of international law, foreign law, domestic law, and comparative law.

The students in this programme will also learn and study relevant topics in the domain of business management, international affairs, humanities, public policy, and foreign languages in this course and also provide various internship programmes for them.

Director of IIM Rohtak, Mr Dheeraj Sharma announced that “IIM Rohtak is the first and only IIM in the country to introduce and focus on such an innovative programme. It focuses on integrating management with legal education. This innovative programme will result in excellent learning results for participants of this BBA+LLB program that will boost the nation with upgraded and astute lawyers with business management expertise.”

Programme Structure & Curriculum

The IIM Rohtak’s five-year integrated LLB programme consists of 15 terms in a total period of five- years. Every year has three terms, each term has three months duration. This programme focuses on courses in Business Management and Legal Education. Students will also be offered various internship opportunities and moot courts exercises during the course of the programme.

This course will develop and fulfil the opportunity and chance for the students to get a knowledge of legal education of international standards through a curriculum and pedagogy that mainly focuses on the study of International law, Foreign law, Arbitrary law, Corporate governance, and Domestic law. 

Apart from these, students will also undergo courses from the domain of Business Management, International Affairs, Humanities, Public Policy, and Foreign Languages.

Gurgaon campus

Gurgaon is a city of opportunities and scope. It has tremendous economic potential and a good bloat over many centres of excellence. One of them is IIM Rohtak, which incorporates young minds to have great and giant management skills with apt and appropriate law education. The campus of Gurgaon will take approximately two more years to completely fulfil its pace, but the rented premises will definitely be a great choice to accommodate more that 200 law students.


The last date for Online Registration for Integrated Programme in Law (IPL)is 31/05/2021 and the registration link is https://ipladmission.iimrohtak.ac.in/IPL01AD/ 

For Admission Related Consultation, contact us @ 9039799000

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